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Inter Projekt ::ISCOM-3012GF L3 Intelligent Aggregation Switch

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ISCOM-3012GF L3 Intelligent Aggregation Switch

ISCOM-3012GF is a Gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 Standalone switch featuring 8 SFP Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 4 combo Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45/SFP ports. The ISCOM 3012GF is ideal for use in the distribution layer of threetier networks and provides long distance fiber connections to aggregate access layer switches that are dispersed in different buildings. It is also an excellent choice as a core switch for small enterprises.
ISCOM 3012GF provides basic Static, Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing capability, incorporate ACL and bandwidth control policies for providing flexible networking, customized QoS, complete network management and VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) function for more powerful user identification function for Ethernet access while maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching.

Layer 2 Switching
Forwarding mode Store-and-forward
Max frame size Jumbo frame to 8KB
Port rate limiting Based on ingress and egress of each port, 64kbps increment
Storm control Support storm control of broadcast, multicast and DLF according to PPS
Port loopback detection In case a port is connected to a loop circuit, the port will be shut down by Switch automatically; when the loop circuit unchains, the port will recover automatically. This function will conflict with STP and is configurable.
Multicast IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3
Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR)
Spanning tree STP and RSTP
Link aggregation Up to 6 trunk groups, 8 1000M ports in each trunk
6 types of load-sharing based on MAC and IP address
Mirror Port-to-Multiport morroring, separately mirroring of ingress and egress traffic
MAC address table IEEE802.1D standard address learning
MAC address learning function can be enabled/disable on each port
16K MAC address, 100 static MAC address
Support MAC address clear/search function
Show MAC address and MAC address stats. function
Flow control IEEE802.3x in full duplex, back pressure in half duplex
VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q)
4K active VLAN
Configuration CLI/Telnet/console
Management SNMP/RMON/Raisecom iEMS NMS
Support log system and different alarm notification levels
Cluster management Raisecom Neighbour Discover Protocol (RNDP)
Raisecom Topology Discover Protocol (RTDP)
Raisecom Cluster Management Protocol (RCMP)
Raisecom cluster network management program
Download and upgrade Support X-modem and FTP upgrade in BOOTROM mode
Support uploading, upgrading system and configuration files through FTP/TFTP
Schedule System tasks executed periodically or at appointed time
Time management Time and zone management, summer time, SNTP and SNTP server
Error tolerance System error report, immediately recover in case of serious system error
Routing protocol Support Static, RIP, OSPF routing protocol
Static routing: 1K, Host routing: 8K, Network routing: 64K
QoS Support CAR (Committed Access Rate) function at 64K increment
Up to 8 output queues
Support 128*12 data flow queues
VLAN ID replacement based on data flow
Support IEEE802.1p and DSCP PRI remark
Support QoS Profile management, customized QoS proposal
Queue schedule algorithm Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and SP+WRR
ACL Support L2 - L7 packet filtering based on source MAC address, destination
MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, port, protocol, VLAN, VLAN range, MAC address range and illogical frames.
Security policy Device management access ACL
User classification and user name/password protection
Security policy Support AAA & Radius authentication
Support MAC address and port binding
Prevent DoS attack
Support port isolation, protection port
Maintenance Support debug information print
Support PING (Packet Internet Groper)
Support Telnet client
Default password restoration Support
Performance Switching fabric 24Gbps
Capacity 64MB SDRAM
4MB flash
32MB DDR Switch buffer
16K MAC address
1K IGMP groups
Management port 1 console (RJ45)
Serial port configuration 9600bps/8bit/none parity/1stop bit/none flow control
Port specification 10BaseT (RJ45, Cat3/Cat4/Cat5 UTP) 100BaseTX (RJ45, Cat5 UTP) 1000BaseT (RJ45, Cat5 UTP) 100BaseLX/BX/FX (SC fiber connector, single/multi mode)
Fixed port 4 combo (10/100/1000BaseT and 1000BaseFX auto crossover) 8 SFP (1000BaseFX)
Expansion port N/A
Indicators Power Supply
System (flashing)
FDX for each port
LINK/ACTIVE for each port
Dimension 442(W)*235(D)*43.8(H)mm
Weight 5.8 KG
Power supply AC: 90~264V, 47~63Hz, DC: 36~72V
Power consumption ≤ 60W (at max load)
Working ambience Temp: 0~45 centigrade
RH: 20~90% non-condensing
Storage ambience Temp: -25~70 centigrade
RH: 20~90% non-condensing
Standards & protocols • IEEE 802.1w
• IEEE802.1X
• IEEE 802.3ad
• IEEE 802.3x full duplex on 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T ports
• IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
• IEEE 802.1p CoS Prioritization
• IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
• IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T specification
• IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX specification
• IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T specification
• IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X specification
• 100BASE-BX (SFP)
• 100BASE-FX (SFP)
• 100BASE-LX (SFP)
• 1000BASE-BX (SFP)
• 1000BASE-SX
• 1000BASE-LX/LH
• 1000BASE-ZX
• RMON I and II standards
• SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3

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